Alfvéngården historik
Alfvéngården (The Alfvén Estate) in Tibble is the result a nationwide donation for Hugo Alfvén's 70th birthday in 1942. The house was built in 1944-45 by the builder Nils Skoglund with inspiration from Bror Hjort's house in Uppsala. Hugo Alfvén and his wife Carin Alfvén could move in in august 1945.
Hugo Alfvén spent many summers in Leksand. After his retirement from Uppsala University, in 1939, Alfvén and his wife Carin Alfvén moved to Leksand permanently. They both followed the building of their new home by the riverfront of Österdalälven closely.
Hugo Alfvén was very clear with his intentions for the house to become an open home in memory of himself. Hugo Alfvén's third wife, Anna Alfvén, opened the house for the general public in 1962. The house is now owned by  the Royal Swedish Academy of Music.
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